The Toronto Necropolis
The Toronto Necropolis - Photo by Wifi Adventures

5 Best Autumn Walks In Toronto

Autumn is my favourite time of year.  I love sweaters and blankets and hanging out with a warm travel mug of tea.  All of nature turns into a riot of colours as the leaves fall and trees get ready for the winter.  Toronto has been called “a city within a park” and we have the benefit of having lots of parks and ravines chock full of elm, maple, and oak trees.

Where to go for walks in the autumn when the leaves start to turn.

High Park

Let’s start with High Park–ask any Torontonian and they’ll say that High Park is the place to walk to see nature in the city.  There are so many walking paths surrounded by tall trees that carpet the trails with crunchy leaves.  Bring an external charger for all the selfies you’ll be taking.

The Beltline Trail

Once an old railway line, the Beltline Trail was converted into an urban walking trail that you can follow through fancy neighbourhoods before winding up at the Evergreen Brickworks.  The nice thing about this trail is that you can leave the trail to grab a coffee and snack on Eglinton West in the middle of your walk.

The Toronto Necropolis

As strange as it sounds, one of the best places to see the changing colours of fall is a cemetery.  The Necropolis is styled more like a park with well maintained paths between the plots that overlook the Don Valley.  If you do choose to wander through the Necropolis please do keep in mind that this is a functioning cemetery and you will be expected to be respectful of the grave makers and the mourners that might be visiting their relatives.  

University of Toronto

Once upon a time the University of Toronto was considered to be outside the city limits so they were able to spread their buildings out and have room for parkland between the different colleges.  Combined with Philosopher’s Walk that separates Trinity College from the Royal Ontario Museum there’s plenty of places to picnic, step on crunchy leaves, and enjoy the fall.

Charles Sauriol Conservation Area

Classified as an urban forest, the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area winds along the Don River with well-defined paths and great views of trees as they change colour.  One down side about this location is that it’s a bit loud because of the nearby Don Valley Parkway, but don’t let that deter you.  

Written by Jill

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