David Crombie Park - Photo by Wifi Adventures

The Best Dog Parks in Toronto

We love dogs.  The number of dogs that we follow on instagram exceeds the number of people that we follow.  And while we don’t have a dog ourselves, there are lots of places that you can go to look at other people’s dogs.  Here are some of our favourites:

The Dog Bowl at Trinity Bellwoods

This large part of Trinity Bellwoods park has lots of room for doggos of all sizes to interact and run around. People who want to watch the dogs can sit at the top of the bowl and picnic while watching the puppies play, or can go down into the bowl and sit on some of the benches.

The enclosed dog park at Grange park

Grange Park Dog Off Leash Area
Grange Park Dog Off Leash Area – Photo by Wifi Adventures

This dog park always has a couple of dogs chasing squirrels and has lots of trees shading the space making it a nice spot to dog watch in the summer.

The enclosed dog park at Edward’s Gardens

The best thing about this dog park is that it’s actually two dog parks in one!  There are separate enclosed areas for big dogs and small dogs so little doggos don’t have to worry about being bowled over by a much larger dog.

The dog beach

Is there anything better than watching a puppy try to eat the waves or dig a hole in the sand?  It’s pretty much the best.  Dogs can wander on- or off-leash and play on the beach with other dogs and their people.

David Crombie park

This off-leash area isn’t enclosed so it’s not the best for dogs who haven’t mastered all their commands.  The best time to hang out is the early evening where people are coming home from work and taking their dogs out for a run with a ball or a toy.  

Honorable Mention: Berczy Park. 

Even if there are no dogs there when you are, the dog fountain is pretty awesome and allows dogs to cool down when it’s operating.

Was this helpful? If there’s any other dog park or outdoor activity that you and your furry friends want to add to our list, please let us know over on Instagram @TheWifiAdventures!

Written by Jill

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