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5 Things For Book Lovers to do in Toronto

I love everything about books.  From their smell to the heft of a good book in your bag, the only thing better than the physicality of books is the information they contain.  And I know I’m not alone! 

If you also love all things literature, here are 5 things you might enjoy doing in Toronto

The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection at the Toronto Reference Library. 

The Toronto Reference Library has one of the world’s largest research collections all about the creator of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries that you’re allowed to wander into and read the books.  The room is set up inside the Marilyn and Charles Baillie Special Collections Centre and looks like a parlour, complete with chess set. 

They have over 25,000 items relating to Doyle’s writing and the librarians are happy to help you find anything you need.

The Biblio-Mat at the Monkey’s Paw. 

Firstly, the Monkey’s Paw has been home to weird, wonderful, old, and unusual books and printed material.  You’re not likely to find this summer’s best sellers in their windows, but there’s sure to be something here to catch your eye. 

And if you’re not looking for anything specific, you could always try your luck with the Biblio-Mat– a vending machine for books.  For just $2 you have the opportunity to score strange books, guaranteed to make you go “huh”.

The Penguin Book Shop. 

The only Penguin Random House book store in the world lives on Toronto’s Front street.  Not only do they sell all kinds of Penguin Random House books (including those white and orange paperback classics) but also merchandise like totes, mugs, pins, shirts and puzzles.  

Have a drink at the Famous Last Words. 

Owners of this cozy bar have made a haven for that population for whom a love of books and a love of cocktails overlap.  Famous Last Words has cocktails named after books, a monthly Silent Book Club, book exchanges, and a bar made from scrabble tiles.  What more do you need in a bar?


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is a festival celebrating comic arts, zines, and graphic novels.  Featuring artists, authors, signings and social events there are lots of opportunities to get up close and personal with the best and the rest of comic art.  

Honorable Mentions

  • Chapters Indigo Speaking Series and book signings
  • Page & Panels @ Toronto Reference Library
  • Doors Open Toronto (Osgoode Hall, Toronto Archives, etc)
  • The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library (under construction)

Did we miss your favourite?  Let us know!

Written by Jill

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