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Haunted Walk of Toronto
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When you’re thinking about finding your inner “ghost”, there’s nothing as hauntingly boo-tiful as joining the walking tour that brings you face to face with stories that’ll keep you awake at night – The Haunted Walk of Toronto.

Arriving onto the scene back in 2012 after years in Kingston and Ottawa, the Toronto version of the experience has been evolving into a main-stay within the walking tour community ever since.

Let’s look at a few Tips & FAQ’s of the Haunted Walk of Toronto

Routes and Experiences

Throughout the history of the Toronto version, we’ve seen a number of variations that may be given for a single season or ones that have returned annually, but the overarching theme is always there.

They want to educate through historically accurate stories that may or may not have included spirits or ghosts.

The current offerings are available on their website, but they typically include:

  • The Original Haunted Walk of Toronto
  • Ghosts and Spirits of the Distillery
  • University of Toronto Tour (name changes annually, but it’s still spooky!)
  • Haunted Walk Experience at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

In the past, they have also had tours that have included Time Travel, but you’ll have to find your TARDIS to revisit those.

5 Tips about going on a Haunted Walk in Toronto


While it is possible to buy your tickets at the starting location (which varies depending on the tour), it’s encouraged to book your experience ahead of time through their online booking engine. This is a good way to confirm dates, times, locations and availability.


This is a walking tour, so when you’re thinking about what type of footwear you should wear…just imagine walking for around 90-minutes in high heels and you’ll quickly want to either wear comfy shoes OR bring a change of shoes in your bag.


Although spirit activity is really up to the eyes of the beholder, it’s encouraged to go into the tour with an open mind and a skeptical thought process. All the stories that are told on tour are researched thoroughly, through various methods including eye-witness interviews and archival materials both online and in person at museums and such. Basically, they won’t tell a story if there isn’t evidence to back up the claims…but the rest is in your hands.


Bouncing off the Shoes tip, it’s integral that you dress for the weather. They walk rain, shine, or snow…and as soon as the sun goes down, it gets cold! Be prepared, because the last thing you want to have happen is get half way through the tour and feel like a ghost-cicle.

Group Size

There are two different options for your group, which include a private tour where you book in advance or a public tour which is capped at a reasonable number.

The private tour is highly encouraged if you’re booking for a larger party 15+, but they’ve accommodated smaller groups that wanted a VIP-style tour. If you want more info, definitely reach out, because it’s better to be able to talk to someone about options than wonder “what-if?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a haunted house?

No. There are no actors hiding in the bushes and no one will leap out and scare you. I’ve personally been scared by a rustling in a bush, but it just ended up being a squirrel.

Is it “kid-friendly”? 

Although the experiences are geared towards more of an adult comprehension, the only thing that matters is that parents are aware of how much their kid can handle in terms of walking, listening AND scare factor. Once again, when I was 10 years old, I saw Jurassic Park in the theatre and didn’t sleep for a week…so ask your kids first before booking.

Can I bring a Dog?

Service dogs are always welcome on a Haunted Walk. When we’re talking about a regular four-legged member of your family, there are tours that provide better experience for Snoopy than others. Best way to gauge the tour is to call ahead and ask a staff member.

Photos & Recordings

In today’s social media environment, selfies and Instagram stories are always top of mind. That being said, because you’re out in the dark listening to a ghost story, it’s all about the timing. Guides have been trained to offer the BEST selfie & photo backdrops along their route, so just let them know when you first sign in that you’re looking for some digital proof that ghosts exist!

Tour Discounts

This is a topic that gets a lot of attention, but it’s important to know that most of the time, The Haunted Walk will share various discounts and promotions over on their social media platforms or their e-newsletter. Honestly, a simple google search will usually prevail!

What Makes the Haunted Walk of Toronto Stand Out?

Cloaks and Lanterns are more than just a fashion accessory.

If you wanted to go on a Haunted Walk Tour in Toronto, feel free to reach out

Haunted Walk of Toronto Website

Phone: (416) 238-1473

HauntedWalk on Twitter, Instagram and any other social media platform that ghosts are present.

Haunted Walk of Toronto Tips
Haunted Walk of Toronto Tips – #WifiAdventures
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