Hockey Hall of Fame
Hockey Hall of Fame - Photo by WiFiAdventures

Tips to Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame

All the major sports have a hall of fame museum in cities around North America.

  • Football is in Canton, Ohio
  • Baseball is in Cooperstown, NY
  • Basketball is in Springfield, MAS
  • Hockey is in Toronto, Ontario

The Hockey Hall of Fame is the home of thousands of amazing artifacts and additions to the game that need to be on display for the public.

How Long will You Need?

Visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame is an experience that will be dictated by your interest in the sport. This means that there is no way to predict the timeframe, although the regular guest will spend between 1 to 2 hours making their way through the museum.

How Much is the Admission?

Admission prices are found at the official website, but always do your search online to find deals and promotions. In addition to potential discounts, you can also find things like buy one get one tickets and family prices. Definitely worth searching!

Top Ten Things To Check Out

  1. The Stanley Cup
  2. The Induction Book
  3. FoxTrac Puck
  4. Original Stanley Cup
  5. The Montreal Canadiens Locker Room
  6. Collectors Corner, including a VHS Mighty Ducks!
  7. Evolution of the Goalie Mask
  8. International Hockey Jerseys
  9. The Golden Goal
  10. 802 Gretzky Pucks
  11. BONUS – The Spirit of Hockey Store!


Is the Hockey Hall of Fame haunted? Well, technically – the hall of fame isn’t haunted, BUT the building in which the HHOF is housed definitely is! If you wanted to hear that story, and so much more, check out a Haunted Walk of Toronto tour!

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