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Grange Park - Photo by Wifi Adventures

The Best Places to Picnic in Toronto

Toronto is actually set up really well for a picnic!  We are a community that loves take away and more restaurants are able to pack your meal to go than ever.  Neighbourhood parks, community spaces and beaches allow for easy outdoor dining.


You can do the classic pack a picnic of sandwiches and snacks, but with so many restaurants able to accommodate take away, you’re not limited to the things you have in your fridge.  


Bubble tea, slushies, juice boxes! 

There are lots of things to choose to drink when picnicking.  It is illegal to drink alcohol in parks and beaches in Toronto, but that hasn’t stopped locals from slyly imbibing.  


There are tons of places to picnic in Toronto. 

The Toronto beaches are surrounded by parks with lots of green space if you want to have a view of the lake while you eat. 

The Toronto Islands have great views of the city and room for a walk afterwards before hopping on the ferry back into the city. 

My favourite place to picnic is overlooking the off-leash dog park in Trinity Bellwoods Park. And of course, keep an eye out for the elusive white squirrels!

So…which of the picnic-y spots in Toronto do you want to visit first? Let us know via social media @WifiAdventures

The Best Places to Picnic in Toronto - #WifiAdventures
The Best Places to Picnic in Toronto – #WifiAdventures

Written by Jill

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