Spirit of Hockey Pucks
Spirit of Hockey Pucks - Photo by Wifi Adventures

Best Things to Buy at the Spirit of Hockey

Souvenirs come in all sizes, shapes and budgets. When you’re wandering through The Spirit of Hockey at the Hockey Hall of Fame, you’ll see it all!

This is a store that will show off the best of the best that Hockey is able to produce for you to find a spot in your house to display!

Best Things to Buy at the Spirit of Hockey Store


Hundreds of options await you when you’re thinking about picking up a jersey! Specific teams, home & away, with or without a nameplate…the potential of finding something that you want to add to your collection is high. Every so often you’ll find a clearance deal that will definitely incentivize your purchasing decisions!


I’ve seen many excuses to pick up a puck, but with the Hockey Hall of Fame being just downstairs…there’s no better reason than saying that you want one.

  • Classic logo
  • HHOF player induction
  • Vintage logo
  • Extinct and Obsolete teams
  • Game-used
  • Souvenir from the HHOF


Anyone can get a basic shirt with a logo, but knowing that you can get a shirt that will get your friends jealous is worth it! Know ahead of time that you can get deals by shopping at the end of the playoffs or if your team is changing a logo…because why not?


Break a mug at home and you have to replace it. That’s the rule!

The Most Unique Things To Buy Online at HHOF.com

NHL 24″ Stanley Cup Replica Trophy

You don’t have to play for a team to win the cup – all you have to do is pay for the replica! Seriously, it comes with the trophy AND so much more.

  • Keeper of the Cup Certificate 
  • Velvet Bag for Safe Keeping
  • White Gloves
  • NHL Table Cloth 
  • Black Stand

Buy it here

A Legend Plaque

When you walk into the Great Hall, the Stanley Cup isn’t the only thing on display. Surrounding the cup are walls upon walls of induction plaques from the players enshrined in the hallowed hall of fame!

Pick up a replica of your childhood hero for your home office!

Seattle Kraken Merchandise

The 32nd team will soon arrive in the NHL, but where is all the merch?

Shop.HHOF.com is the answer, as you’re able to pick up everything from pucks to mugs and even face coverings!

I’ll be adding more to this article as I go through my collection of all the stuff that I’ve bought from the Spirit of Hockey and the HHOF, but remember that my goal was to share that there are some really awesome things to shop for when you’re looking forward for the puck to drop!

Written by Dustin Fuhs

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