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Chatime Atealier - Photo by Wifi Adventures

3 Spots to get Bubble Tea in Downtown Toronto

There are thousands of restaurants, cafes and dining opportunities in downtown Toronto. Our goal is to share a couple brands/locations that we frequent for a good quality experience.

Let’s talk about 3 spots to get bubble tea in Downtown Toronto


Most big chains lose their personality at the community level, but every so often you’ll find one that makes you feel like you can return over and over. This is the key for Chatime on King @ Sherbourne!

Our recommendation is to check out Ritual and come up with flavors that work for you. This could be a milk tea or a fruit based drink. My personal favorites are the tea of the month deals and the classic milk tea with pearls.


There are Coco bubble tea locations all over the place, but our best experiences come from the location at Queen and Spadina. Efficient, classic taste with a rewards program that is easy to use.

Jill’s fav is the Bubble Gaga, while I’m usually the tea of the month OR a fruit based drink.


If you’ve ever been to the Village by The Grange, there’s always a huge line full of OCAD students for a single stall: Fruiteao

There are better bubble tea spots out there, but sometimes you want a quick drink at a reasonable price…and this spot has you covered! We’ve been going for years and it’s great to support a local business.

Other Notable Spots

  • Palgong Tea in the Distillery District
  • The Krys Milktea Bar at York/Harbour
  • Ten Ren on Dundas
  • Gong Cha on Queen/Spadina

Enjoy your next bubble tea!!

Written by Dustin Fuhs

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