Robarts Library at University of Toronto
Robarts Library at University of Toronto - Photo by Wifi Adventures

One Day in Toronto For the Architecture Hero

Love buildings? Want to know the stories behind some of the most iconic structures in Toronto? We’ve got you covered with this awesome itinerary for One Day in Toronto!

The Rundown

  • Must See – University of Toronto
  • Got Time – Financial District
  • Hidden Gem – Old City Hall
  • Obvious – CN Tower
  • WiFi Tip – Look Up!
  • Food Pairing – Terroni’s on King
  • Nightly Activity – Distillery District

The Details

Must See

The University of Toronto campus is full of buildings with history and amazing architecture. From Convocation Hall to Trinity College, the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and everything in between!

Got Time

The Financial District brings the hustle and bustle of Bay Street to the hidden underworld of the PATH, a 30+ kilometre underground pedestrian walkway. Lots of buildings to check out, but just like NYC and other major metropolitan areas…most inside highlights are behind card-only gates.

Hidden Gem

I love sharing the history of Old City Hall, because it’s full of mystery and intrigue. What makes this building even more fun for architecture fans is what’s coming next….

no one knows! Could it be a mall? Could it be a museum? Maybe condos? Lots of opinions and until the shovels hit the dirt…there’s nothing guaranteed!


When you come to Toronto, you must check out the CN Tower. Architects will enjoy the facts behind the actual construction and how it came to be…but you should definitely check into the redevelopment of the guest viewing area. How did they get construction materials up 500+meters?

Wifi Tip

We live Downtown, so as a local…you’ll want to do what most tourists forget to do.

Look up! Toronto has a surprising amount of facades, gargoyles and other pieces of culture above our heads

We’ll always add fun stuff to our “Day in” series, so keep an eye out for more adventures!

Written by Dustin Fuhs

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