Chatime Birthday Rewards Drink
Chatime Birthday Rewards Drink - Photo by Wifi Adventures

Where To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday In Toronto


No matter how many times I say that I don’t want to get older…it never works. When you experience enough birthdays, and the memories you made celebrating them all start to blend together. Photos include selfies with cakes, meals with friends, a bit of dancing, and possibly the (last) round of shots that you would rather forget.

This year, it’s time for something different. Instead of planning a birthday of epic proportions, prepare a birthday that’s centered on how much free stuff you can collect from local establishments that are happy to honour your special day. After all, you’re not getting any younger, and it’s never too early to save for retirement.

Note: Most freebies require you to sign up for birthday rewards in advance, usually 30+ days. These deals change as much as the lines in your face, so check in advance to confirm they’re still a thing at the time of your birthday.

Where To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday In Toronto

  1. Starbucks FREE Starbucks coffee – Just sign up here and then on your birthday week, your account will get you a FREE Starbucks drink reward!
  2. Chatime – Free Regular Bubble Tea (birthday week)
  3. Cinnabon – FREE Cinnabon on your Birthday
  4. Red Lobster – Free surprise coupon on your birthday
  5. Krispy Kreme – 6 FREE Doughnuts
  6. Baskin Robbins– Free 2.5oz ice cream on your Birthday
  7. Dairy Queen-Free Ice cream
  8. Sbarro – FREE Slice of Pizza
  9. Denny’s– FREE Grand Slam
  10. The Works – Free Burger
  11. Davids Tea – FREE tea

Attractions and Retail

  1. Medieval Times – Join their Birthday Club for more info

We’ll add more to this list as resources become available! Remember to get the big ones…Chatime and Starbucks! Easy drinks for a great birthday:)

Written by Dustin Fuhs

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