Peameal Bacon Sandwich
Peameal Bacon Sandwich - Photo by Wifi Adventures

3 Spots to get a Peameal Bacon Sandwich

The Peameal Bacon Sandwich is a classic Toronto experience. But what is peameal bacon?

Also known as cornmeal bacon, this is a wet-cured, unsmoked back bacon made from trimmed lean boneless pork loin rolled in cornmeal. Toronto pork packer William Davies (UK to Canada in 1854) is credited with its creation.

You’ll want to hit up St Lawrence Market for a sandwich, but what shop should you go to?

Paddington’s Pump

The market’s only full-service sit-down restaurant, Paddington’s Pump is one of the best spots for a peameal sandwich (or a Reuben, if you’re so inclined). They’ve got a to-go counter that is always swamped, but if you hit your luck…you’ll walk up with no line and get a solid experience!

Carousel Bakery

Just around the corner from Paddington’s is the Carousel Bakery, a staple of the market for at least 30 years.

Some would say that they have a preference for one spot over the other, but that means that you’ll be eating a sandwich from both! Let us know what you decide;)

Outside of the St Lawrence Market

  • When the Pig Came Home – 3035 Dundas St W
  • Avenue Open Kitchen – 7 Camden St
  • Patrician Grill – 219 King St E

How to Order it?

“I’d like a Peameal Bacon Sandwich, with mustard.” If they offer it with an egg, you pay the extra charge…because it’ll take things to a whole new level!

Written by Dustin Fuhs

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