Toronto Harbourfront at Dusk
Toronto Harbourfront at Dusk - Photo by Wifi Adventures

The Best Places in Toronto for a Date Night

When you think of romance, you likely think of Paris.  Toronto isn’t going to be high on anyone’s list of most romantic cities in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love in the 6ix.  

Beach Picnic

Toronto is a waterfront city with kilometers of beaches.  The adventurous couple can hike up the top of the Scarborough Bluffs before spreading out your picnic blanket, while more urban couples can take the TTC to Sugar Beach for a beach night in the middle of the city.  

Dinner and Drive in Movie

Drive-Ins are becoming more and more popular.  Pick up some drive through or a take away order from your favourite restaurant before pulling up and watching a summer blockbuster.  If you don’t have a car, you can recreate the drive-in experience with a portable projector that you can get online for pretty cheap.

Paint Night

Maybe you and your bae watched a lot of Bob Ross and you want to try it yourself without having to buy all the paints and brushes yourself.  Paint nights are great because they provide all the supplies and show you some techniques and let your creativity run wild.  And if it doesn’t turn out well you can always say it’s abstract.

Fine Dining

Toronto has a lot of fancy dining, from the 360 restaurant at the CN Tower to the international award-winning Alo these chefs are sure to surprise and delight.  

Night at the Museum

The AGO and the ROM both have evening parties.  Get dressed up and explore the museums with drinks in hand, then dance the night away with local musicians.  LegoLand also has the occasional Adult Nights where the big kids can have a drink and play with lego with a MasterBuilder.

The Hockey Hall of Fame also has a nighttime experience…so keep an eye out!

Get Spooky

There are lots of things you can do with your boo.  Escape rooms have popped up all over the city, while local ghost tours like the Haunted Walk explore Toronto’s darker past.  October also brings lots of other spooky events like haunted houses, horror film festivals, and pumpkin walks.

Nerds Need Love Too

For the couple who love to put their relationship to the test, board game cafes like Snakes and Lattes have more than just Monopoly and Risk.  The Lockheart and Stormcrow Manor have Butterbeer to order or you could head over to Curiosa to shop for magical home decor.

Hit the Bar

There are lots of different kinds of bars to have a drink and get to know each other.  If you miss old school video games arcade bars are great places to show off your Mortal Kombat moves, while hotel bars allow you to slide into a booth and into each other’s DMs.  When the weather is good there are even some rooftop bars that give great views of the city.

Of course, you know your partner best, and as long as you’re spending time together you’ll have a great time.

The Best Places in Toronto for a Date Night – #WifiAdventures

Written by Jill

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